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An Engineer's Day Off by Ann Wingert

Every summer I volunteer to work the flea market at the St. Luke's Summer Festival.  The flea market is set up between the church and the bank drive through.  We place a double row of tents between the buildings with tables under the tents.  The low area of the pavement is in the center under the tables.  The pavement undulates and creates two ponds that are not noticeable except during the festival. This year we had pouring rain and the low area between the buildings started to pond.  The puddles expanded until they pooled beyond the tables such that the public couldn't examine the merchandise without standing in water.  Norma, the head of the flea market found a broom and I became the sump pump, sweeping the water over the dams and down towards the drain.  Another parishioner found a second broom and we teamed up sweeping the water toward the drain.  As I got tired, I was able to grab my bouncing boy as he went past and put him to work on the upper reservoir.

Even on my day off, I am in charge of storm water management.

Day in the Life of a Surveyor by Mike Campbell

"Brothers have killed over it.  Wars have been fought over it.  Neighbors have fenced it.  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln surveyed it.  It has been stated that over 70% of the World's economy is based on land transactions.  The largest branch in surveying involves the creation, delineation and retracement of land boundaries."

I've been surveying for over 20 years and enjoy it.  Every day is different.  I've been working at Niclaus for a year now and enjoy working for and with the people around me.  Here are some pictures of myself and Tim, the field crew, at work:



Maps: Tim (seen in photo) figuring out the most efficient way to traverse through the job at hand.






Ticks: Just one of the many dangers a surveyor is asked to conquer on a daily basis.





Sketching, a very important part of surveying.  A picture or sketch is worth 1,000 words.





Mike looking to find some control to get the job rolling.  The metal finder is used to find set pins and pipes in the ground that represent property corners.





Rod-man Mike showing the lay of the land.  With Mike's 15 years experience as chief he should know how to handle the rod by now.






With Tim's 5 years experience as transit man . . . He's improving by the day!







Instrument Technician:  A very important part of the survey crew.  Except when Tim (seen in photo) is using the instrument to check out girls.





Tim, seen in photo, confused by the job at hand.





One of the top rated survey crews in the state!




ASCE Continuing Education

On March 27 & 28, 2008, Ann Wingert completed an ASCE Continuing Education Course on Advanced Detention Routing.  The course expanded theory on correct modeling procedures and stressed large scale impacts to flood plains.  Issues covered included the effect of tail water on detention basin routing and how to pick the correct tail water condition, how to avoid modeling instabilities, updated rainfall data, and the latest NPDES Best Management Practices. The course was taught by Jennifer J. Walker, P.E. of Dodson & Associates, Inc., a leading firm in stormwater design.

Pennsylvania Surveyor's Conference

The 2008 Pennsylvania Surveyor's Conference was held in Hershey, PA and played host for hundreds of surveyors from all across the state.  Niclaus Engineering Corporation was proud to send four of their most qualified workers to represent Stroudsburg at the event.  Tom Harley, Lisa Hobart, Mike Campbell and Tim Niclaus were among the NEC employees chosen to attend classes for three days while staying at the Hershey Lodge.  The courses were extremely informative and taught us all valuable lessons relating to surveying.

Workshop sessions included lectures pertaining to Survey Cost Analysis, Life of Survey Equipment, Basic Survey Math and Improving Field Procedures among other areas in our field.  Booths set up by surverying companies offering free merchandise as well as information on all the latest surveying gear and accessories.  Overall, the convention served as a great way to bond with fellow surveyors as well as improve our general surveying knowledge.  The NEC surverying department would like to thank the rest of the company for their support and involvement in the event.  We look forward to geting an opportunity to represent the company again at the 2009 convention.

Niclaus Engineering Survey Crew

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