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White Fever
Portobello Books, October 2012

by Jacek Hugo-Bader

The strength of this book is that it dwells on human stories that lie outside the parameters of conventional newspaper reporting, and the translation from the Polish by Antonia Lloyd-Jones is pitch perfect…. Hugo Bader offers a compelling portrait of a society in moral and social breakdown. – Luke Harding, The Guardian

For his 50th birthday, Polish journalist Jacek Hugo-Bader set off on a journey across Russia, into the frozen heart of Siberia. White Fever is the account of the extraordinary phenomena he witnesses—the horrors and wonders of the Russian countryside. Passing from age-old Russian villages where residents give even strangers a warm greeting, to dangerous highways where bandits practice brutal violence and police officers blatantly demand bribes, Hugo-Bader paints a piercing, unforgiving portrait of Russia that is not to be missed.


Tr. Antonia Lloyd-Jones,  Portobello Books, 2011. ISBN 978-1-84627-269-1