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Kuba Bakowski, The TV Zero Zones, Public Television TVP2, 2004
Kuba Bakowski

Saturday, September 1, 2007 - Monday, December 31, 2007

Location One
26 Greene Street, New York, NY
Admission: free, Tel: 212.334.3347, Subway: A, C, E, N, R, 6, J, M, Z to Canal Street
Hours: Tue.-Sat., 12-6 PM

Kuba Bakowski works with video, photography, performance, and projects employing electronic media. Bakowski touches upon issues of the human condition in contemporary reality, marked as it is by the omnipresent impact of the media. He is interested in blurring the border between the artificial and the natural, between civilization and nature, confronting the real world in a subversive way with its media counterpart.

Among his best-known works is TV ZERO ZONES - a work created in collaboration with Polish public TV channel TVP2 - in which Bakowski mixed material prepared by himself with live broadcast. TV ZERO ZONES was aired thoughout October and November 2004 as part of TVP 2's end-of-day control screen. When the day's programming ended Bakowski would appear on the background of the test card: doing simple fitness exercises, riding about on a rolling deskchair, or performing meditation yoga. TV ZERO ZONES was the first project in Poland to use television not just as a transmitter but as raw material for a work of art.

Bakowski devoted several video works to the phenomenon of television, creativily using test cards and the 'snow' generated by TV monitors when no signal is transmitted. He regards both by-products of TV as revealing its essence when it is not serving as a transmiiter. The silent test cards, often based on a circular design suggestive of a mandala, reveal their potential as catalysts for meditation, a phenomenon explored by Bakowski in his work, TV MANDALA.

The problem of technology plays an important role in many of Bakowski's works. He often uses a strategy that could be called low-tech 'cyberpunk': here, a man finds himself in a state of symbiosis with technology, while at the same time being an object of its oppression. With Bakowski the world of technology manifests itself in an unadvanced version, in the form of simple mechanisms and housekeeping gadgets - as in his video instalation TEST FLIGHTS, in which two people try to fly using a vacuum cleaner and and hair-dryers.

Kuba Bakowski (b. 1971) graduated from the Multimedia Communications Department of the Fine Arts Academy in Poznan. He now lives and works in Warsaw.

He realized solo projects and exhibitions in the Wuyishan Mountains, China; Daniele Ugolini Contemporary, Florence (both 2006); Center of Contemporary Art 'Zamek Ujazdowski', Warsaw (2006, 2002); Potocka Gallery, Krakow (2005, 2002); in broadcasts by Polish Public Television TVP 2; Galleria PL, Roma (both 2004); Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw (2003).

His works have been presented at group exhibitions at: Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw (2007, 2005); Lodz Biennale 2006; Centre for Contemporary Art 'Zamek Ujazdowski', Warsaw (2006, 2004); Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow; Sagospatty Gallery, Roma; National Centre for Comtemporary Art, Moscow (all in 2005); Villa Manin Center of Contemporary Art, Italy (2004); Kunst und Architektur Forum, Essen; Estonian Art Museum, Tallin; Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius; MuseƩ d'Art Moderne Saint-Etienne, Saint-Etienne (all in 2004); Museum Moderner Kunst Wien, Vienna (2003).

Conceived and produced in partnership with Location One, New York and A-I-R at the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland, this project has been generously supported by the Trust for Mutual Understanding, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Poland, and the Polish Cultural Institute, New York, and was organized as part of the POLAND-U.S. ARTISTS-IN-RESIDENCE EXCHANGE PROGRAM, conceived by the Polish Cultural Institute, New York.

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