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Hubert Czerepok, Museum, 2002, video
Hubert Czerepok
special screening & artist's talk

Friday, December 17, 2004, 8:00 PM

E-Flux Video Rental
53 Ludlow Street, New York, NY
Hours: Tue - Sat 12 pm to 6 pm;

Please note: since space is limited, please RSVP to

In his works Hubert Czerepok takes a subversive approach to conventional routine. Such works often play with the audience's difficulty in distinguishing between the artist's intervention and someone's bizarre behavior. Czerepok not only does video art: for each project he carefully chooses the most appropriate medium. His non-video works, although they exist as objects or installations, are, strictly speaking, interventions. The problem of the misuse of space seems to be central to his art works. In recent years Czerepok has edged away a bit from his interventionist strategy and more towards "institutional critique". As the Maastricht based critic Steve Rushton points out, "In this second phase of Czerepok's work we see the introduction of a narrative element into familiar settings, often in what we might call "ready-made institutions".

MUSEUM (video, 2002, running time 17:01, in collaboration with S. Rushton), stages a bizarre tour of a museum of contemporary art. Two individuals - the director of the museum and a visitor - carry on a conversation about art in the museum and reveal their true intentions in being there.

DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT POLISH ART? (video, 2002, running time 14:47, in collaboration with M. Bakke), gives a penetrating look into what is for Poles one of the most enigmatic and complex issues of recent years - Polish contemporary art. Czerepok takes a documentary approach in asking people on the street what they know about Polish art.

The screening will be followed by discussion with the artist.

"At first sight Museum (2002) looks like a crude critique of an institution. But on closer inspection the video contains a further reflection on the idea of the misappropriate use of space." - Steve Rushton (2003), a writer and editor based in Maastricht

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