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Stanislaw Drozdz, Between, installation, 1977
Groundbreaking LACMA exhibition is the first to explore highly influential post-war art movement in international context

Stanislaw Drozdz, Wojciech Fangor, Jaroslaw Kozlowski and Roman Opalka in

Sunday, June 13, 2004 - Sunday, October 3, 2004

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA Tel: 323.857.6000 (general information)

LACMA, the premier visual arts museum in the western United States, examines in this landmark exhibition the role of radically simplified form and systematic strategies in the evolution of vanguard art across the West in the decades following the Second World War. Covering Central and Western Europe and North and South America, Beyond Geometry is the first exhibition to treat these issues art-historically, in a broad international context. It is also the first to examine South American Concrete art outside of its regional context. Latin America and Central Europe are frequently referred to as "non-Western." In both cases this is a misunderstanding. Beyond Geometry helps place the recent art history of Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland within that of the West, where it belongs. It looks carefully at differences as well as similarities in art trends and ideas on the three continents. An essay rather than a survey, the exhibition includes examples of European and South American Concrete Art, Argentine Arte Madí, Brazilian Neo-Concretism, Kinetic and Op Art, US Minimalism, and various forms of Post-Minimalism, including Process and Conceptual art. Polish artists represented in the exhibition include Poland's representative at the 2003 Venice Biennale, Stanislaw Drózdz, Wojciech Fangor, Jaroslaw Kozlowski and Roman Opalka. The exhibition is curated by Lynn Zelevansky, Curator and Department Head, Modern and Contemporary Art, LACMA.

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