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Etgar Keret in Keret House. Photo courtesy of Bartek Warzecha.
Trust for Mutual Understanding, AiR Laboratory, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, and the Polish Cultural Institute New York present:

Artist in residence at Residency Unlimited

Tuesday, October 1, 2013 - Saturday, November 30, 2013

Residency Unlimited
360 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York

Jakub Szczesny (b. 1973) is the cofounder of Centrala, a collective devoted to experimental architecture, and the creator of Keret House, a literary residency building, proposed as a Warsaw home for Israeli writer Etgar Keret. Built in a narrow gap between two buildings where, in the time of the Nazi occupation, a footbridge once connected the main area of the Warsaw Ghetto with the Little Ghetto, the 5-foot-wide Keret House was classified by the New York Times as possibly the worlds narrowest home (Filling a Void in Warsaw, 25 Oct 2012). Szczesny's architectural and artistic practice investigate how public and private spheres intertwine within the urban context. His current exhibit entitled Operations in populated areas at the BWA Design Gallery in Wroclaw, Poland, documents sixteen of his projects completed in very diverce places such as the English garden in Bialystok, Poland, a public park in Ramallah, Palestine, and a defunct railway station in Narrogin in Western Australia.

During his two months at Residency Unlimited, Szczesny will conduct research for the potential project entitled Domesticating New York. The aim of Domesticating New York is to construct another creative residency building reflecting the city's potentials and limitations, this time in the Big Apple. He is scouting avenues, back alleys, and gloomy corners of the city for a tiny piece he could buy, lease, borrow, or receive as donation from a good-willing citizen. The artist is connecting with New Yorkers, trying to create a network of supporters, to make this extensive endeavor a reality in the future. The success of this project depends deeply on collaboration and generosity of local partners. Its final goal is to explore whether a good quality of life is possible only for the wealthiest of New Yorks citizens or whether it can be extended to all.

Residency Unlimited creates tailored environments for local and international artists and curators in all disciplines and at all stages of their practice. During their stay, participants receive individualized technical, production assistance and network support. The organization also provides logistical support and other resources custom tailored to meet their needs and the realization of projects.

Jakub Szczesnys residency is made possible by Trust for Mututal Understanding and the Polish Cultural Institute New York, in collaboration with AIR, CCA Zamek Ujazdowski, and Residency Unlimited.

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