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Wojcieh Leder Theory of Transparent Objectives XXXII, 2005, and, pigment & oil on canvas, 210 x 160 cm © Bon á Tirer Gallery
Wojciech Leder
U.S. Debut

Thursday, September 15, 2005 - Saturday, October 15, 2005
Opening: Thursday, Sept.15, 6-9:30 PM

Bon A Tirer Gallery
651 West 27th Street (at 12th Ave.), New York, NY Tel: 212.868.8484

Wojciech Leder, a highly regarded painter and art teacher in Lodz, his birthplace, is introduced to New Yorkers by the Bon á Tirer with his ten most recent works (most of them being shown for the first time), demonstrating his own innovative transformed encaustic inlayed with various substances techniques, as well as unusual applications of gypsum, chalk, and beeswax. Believing in the power of paintings to transmit energy, he calls his works "energy screens". They have also been called "singular realities", which means, in Leder's own words, that "they are not the realization of previously formed ideas, because I believe that in effectuating an idea we do not discover anything beyond what our imagination has already created. To separate my painting from my imagination is a real challenge for me. Realizing an idea means realizing the imaginable, and does not satisfy my curiosity about meeting the unknown".

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