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The Taste of Poland
We are celebrating the 100 Anniversary of Regaining Polish Independence

Friday, November 9, 2018

47 Street & Park Ave, New York NY

Bring your friends, and join us for a delicious lunch event. Take part in the Sto Lat Polska project to win a plane ticket to Poland. All brought to you by The Polish Cultural Institute New York, as a celebration of the centennial of Poland regaining its independence.

The Polish Cultural Institute of New York invites all Polish cuisine lovers to enjoy a complimentary meal from the Polish Food truck. On November 9th,, between 47th Street & Park Ave, starting at 11am, you can treat yourself to a free Polish meal from the Old Traditional Polish Cuisine Food truck, compliments of the Polish Cultural Institute. Passersby can stop to get their portion of delicious pierogi and kielbasa.

For those who also want to be treated to a sweet surprise, the Polish Cultural Institute is asking you to perform a simple task:

Go to, take a picture, add a simple hashtag with your wishes for Poland on it’s Independence Day and post it in the gallery and on social media. Then show up at the Food Truck, present this photo and you will get an extra delicious Polish desert.

Don’t forget that by posting a photo you also have a chance to win one of three airline tickets to Poland, which you can use to fly there any time in 2019. If you don’t have time to take a picture earlier, you will still have another chance with the PCI team standing by at the Food Truck to help. Then just take your treat, enjoy… and good luck with the lottery! Soon you might be enjoying Polish cuisine in Poland.

Old Traditional Polish Cuisine is the only food truck in New York city serving up authentic Polish dishes, such as their traditional kielbasa, and pierogi filled with your choice of potato and cheese, meat, spinach and cheese, or sauerkraut and mushroom. With hundreds served every day, the truck attracts swarms of customers as it moves from location to location on a daily basis. Eva Lokaj, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Old Traditional Polish Cuisine Food Truck and Catering, believes that their plan to stick to the classics instead of incorporating things like Mac n’ Cheese pierogis to their menu is what truly sets them apart from the pack. “We are carrying on with the traditions as we offer classical Polish home food,” says Lokaj. “We actually stick to the originals versues branching out to new wave Polish foods.”

Curious why we’re giving away a free meal? In 1926, Poland sent the U.S. a birthday card with 5.5 million signatures! And they did it without the Internet. Help us beat that number in the Jubilee Year of Polish Independence!

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