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201 Waterfront Street | National Harbor, Maryland

The MAGFest Demoparty, taking place at the Music and Gaming Festival (MAGFest) is an exciting stage event presenting the digital artform known as the “demo”, and will run from Thursday, January 3rd to Saturday, January 5th, 24 hours a day. Participants will take part in live real-time coding workshop, listen to lectures about Demoscene history in Europe and the US, as well as witness the final stage presentations of brand-new demos with live voting and prizes.

Demos are self-contained computer programs that demonstrate the skills of digital artists, musicians, and programmers, working together to create a multimedia masterpiece. Headlining the main Demoparty stage event will be three specialists from Poland: Grzegorz Juraszek (a.k.a. Fei) — the main organizer of Riverwash, the largest demoscene event in Poland; Michal Lipiecki (a.k.a. Borys) — a specialist in broadcasting and TV production; and Jakub Argasinski (a.k.a. Argasek) — a music composer and front-end developer. They will be joined by MAGFest organizer Brendan Becker (a.k.a. Inverse Phase), and organizers from two other leading US Demoparties, Demosplash and @party.

MAGFest Demoparty aims to introduce newcomers to the scene and grow the American demoscene by building links between the gaming and demoscene communities in Europe and the rest of the world. Attendees can watch, compete, and vote in competitions for demos/intros, music, graphics, and animation. The presentations will be projected on a large screen with powerful audio, and livestreamed online.

MAGFest is an annual festival promoting video game culture and video game music since 2002, including exploring gaming trends. The event is held outside Washington, DC, often the weekend after New Year’s Day. It offers a wealth of programming, including gaming industry talks, Q&As with celebrity guest speakers, live video game and chiptune concerts, vendors, and gaming of all types including live video games, consoles, arcades, computer gaming, tabletop games, and much more.

Demoparty is presented and organized in partnership with the Polish Cultural Institute New York and supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington DC.


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