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Monika Weiss
a one-time installation/performance
Sound in collaboration with Stephen Vitiello

Saturday, November 9, 2002, 6:00 PM

Diapason Gallery
1026 Sixth Avenue # 2S, at 38th Street, New York, NY Tel: 212.719.4393

The Polish installation artist, Monika Weiss, will appear as part of a five-day group series of individual presentations by five artists, curated by Michael J. Schumacher, "exploring two modes of listening".

The installation by Monika Weiss and her collaborator Stephen Vitiello incorporates a sculpted basin, water, performance, video projection, and sound. In a large octagonal vessel on the floor of the gallery, reminiscent of a medieval baptismal font, with an interior diameter of about 40 inches, and filled with water, the artist immerses herself from time to time, lies almost motionlessly, curled to the vessel's interior shape, and re-emerges, eventually to return again. A camera overhead translates the vessel and the immersed figure in it through video projection into a flat, painterly image on a 16x16-foot screen, with only subtle movements, and with sounds picked up by a microphone in the basin. As the artist's "live" figure periodically enters and leaves the water-filled basin, the uninterrupted image of her immersed body begins to seem more real than the ghost-like figure that comes and goes.

From a review of another recent installation/performance by Monika Weiss called "Koiman", at Atlanta's Space 1181: Initially working through drawings, collages and wall paintings, Weiss has begun to embody her ideas in multi-sensory installations. In "Koiman" she has mediated an intensely visceral and meditative reflection of post-Catholic culture, gender politics, memory and the self.

- Cathy Bird,

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