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The Museum of Modern Art and the Polish Cultural Institute

Piotr Wyrzykowski

Monday, March 24, 2003 - Thursday, April 3, 2003
At MoMA, NY Mar. 24, 2003; In California Mar. 31 - Apr.3

MoMA, NYC & California

The Polish Cultural Institute and the Museum of Mod's leading contemporary artists working in the new media - video, CD-ROM, and internet art. Assuming the identity of "Peter Style" in some of his works, Piotr Wyrzykowski explores technology's influence on our perception of human presence, and its potential to extend our sense of our own corporeality.

(Piotr Wyrzykowski = p-YAW-tr vizhi[short i's]-COUGH-skee)

Mr. Wyrzykowski, known for his adventurous spirit, idiosyncratic performances, and exceptionally articulate presentations, will discuss and show excerpts from his work, which has ranged from a Warhol-like video contemplation in 1993 of an enormous, slowly passing ship, in Beta Nassau (presented at MoMA Queens in 2002), to his creation and management, with fellow members of the media art group CUKT, of a virtual presidential candidate in cyberspace, the virtually perfect Viktoria Cukt, whose virtual campaign in 2000-2001 met with a startling degree of actual success in Poland.

Mr. Wyrzykowski's work, highly regarded in Europe, includes There Is No Body (1995/98), presenting a life-sized virtual performance artist named David Everybody who can be re-shaped by the viewer, and The Cyborg's Sex Manual 1.0 (2000), a visual primer designed with tongue in cheek for the edification of cyborgs, while affording the detachment sometimes required for the serious discussion of dangerous issues of love and identity.

Following his appearance at MoMA, Mr. Wyrzykowski's tour in California will include visits and workshops with student artists.

You can visit Mr. Wyrzykowski's website at

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