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Pawel Kwiek (Poland), Video A, 1974

Friday, January 5, 2007 - Sunday, January 7, 2007

Polish Artists
Saturday, January 6, 8PM

Pawel Kwiek, Janusz Kolodrubiec, Janusz Szczerek, Zbigniew Libera, Jerzy Truszkowski, Józef Robakowski, Adam Rzepecki Total running time: ca. 85 min.
Curator: Dr. Lukasz Ronduda, Centre for Contemporary Art "Zamek Ujazdowski", Warsaw

Anthology Film Archives
32 2nd Avenue, New York, NY
Admission: $8 general admission, $5 members, $6 seniors & students with IDTickets are available day-of-show only, at the box office, which opens 30 min. prior to the first show of the day. Cash only. Tel: 212.505.5181

Through a series of exhibitions, screenings, performances and discussions, the touring event Analogue aims to illuminate the early histories of artists' video, linking the work of artists in the UK, Canada and Poland in order to broaden an understanding of how, in the course of thirty years, a versatile and politically charged medium made the transition from the margins to the mainstream of contemporary practice. Five one-hour screenings of extracts and short works will be shown at New York's Anthology Film Archives.

A screening of early seminal video work from Poland forms a crucial part of this tripartite event. Video art appeared in Poland in the early 70s within the creative community known as the Workshop of the Film Form. This other art of the moving image - apart from cinema - became the focus of their singular, artistic exploratory interest, an interest they directed toward the structural and expressive qualities of the medium.

Illustrated catalogues will be available: Analogue: Pioneering Video from the UK, Canada and Poland (1968-88), ed. by C. Elwes and C. Meigh-Andrews (EDAU, Preston, 2006) as well as the catalogue and DVD of the exhibition The Workshop of the Film Form (1970-1977): Early Film Work from Poland, ed. by L. Ronduda and G. Joseph-Hunter (EAI, New York / CCA, Warsaw / PCI, New York, 2004).

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