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The Jewish Community Center in San Francisco and
Contemporary Posters

from the Contemporary Posters collection

Monday, January 1, 2007 - Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Jewish Community Center
3200 california Street, San Francisco, CA
Admission: free, Tel: 415.292.1200

During the period from the end of World War ll (1945) until the fall of Communism in 1989, the Polish School of Posters became recognized as the best in contemporary poster art. Its artists created renowned theater, music, film, CYRK (circus), and Jewish cultural posters. JCC in San Francisco presents a rare local showing of these vintage art posters with Jewish themes; they are highly political and visually alluring.

The vibrant Jewish culture that existed in Poland for 1000 years prior to WW II was effectively destroyed by the Holocaust. Nonetheless, during the Communist era, the Polish government sponsored Jewish cultural events and commissioned artists to create art posters to publicize these events. Some posters were for Jewish film, others were for operas and exhibitions, and many were designed to accompany productions of the E.R. Kaminski National Jewish Theater. The posters, as well as the art, are significant. These posters, from the golden era of the Polish School of Posters (1946-1989), are recognized as the best in contemporary poster art, comparable to the posters of La Belle Epoque.

The exhibit is organized by Contemporary Posters, New York City based company specializing in the art of the Polish School of Posters,

Polish Theater Posters That Provoke, Wall Street Journal European Edition, Sep. 8, 2006

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