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Sunday, June 30, 2002 - Sunday, January 12, 2003

Snug Harbor Cultural Center
New York, NY

ARTFRONT/WATERFRONT: Artists Explore the Staten Island North Shore is an exhibition of over thirty newly commissioned visual and performance projects by regional and internationally recognized artists in the Newhouse Galleries and at public locations along the North Shore of Staten Island.

A necklace of parks, museums, and historical sites is strung along the North Shore of Staten Island from the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to the Bayonne Bridge. This wealth of attractions looks out on one of the most commanding vistas in the City of New York. Exploring the distinctive identity, character, stories and symbolism of the Staten Island shoreline, these artworks inspire discovery and reflection on the harbor in our midst - a dynamic, changing waterfront of mournful decay and inherent beauty.

The development of ARTFRONT/WATERFRONT grew from the mutual interests of the collaborating organizations in offering European artists an opportunity to work in New York and to create an exhibition that in both its planning and production would build bridges between artists from far flung places with the local community.

In July 2001, a group of 20 artists from Western and Eastern Europe, as well as New York came to Snug Harbor for a research residency after which an invitation to submit proposals for the 2002 exhibititon was extended to approximately 70 artists. During this two-week residency, the artists toured available sites and met with representatives of the participating organizations and with artists, students and teachers from the surrounding community. The findings from their research have been posted on the SITE-ATIONS web-site:

There are three artists from Poland participating in the exhibition. Leszek Knaflewski, from Poznan, will play with representations of Staten Island. Knaflewski will comb the Staten Island coast for organic detritus like plant roots, twigs and grasses. With them he will assemble a large-scale array that suggests thousands of microorganisms.

Mariusz Olszewski (Benek) and Mariusz Soltysik, from Lodz, Poland, will shoot a video that will be projected onto a grid of florescent string that refers to the history of place and the sense of a fading past one would associate with Snug Harbor as a former retirement home for sailors. The video images will fade in and out, and as they do, they will activate the florescent paint in the string to reveal quotes inspired by the site's maritime heritage.

Leszek Knaflewski (born: 8/5/1960, Poznan, Poland)

Knaflewski studied at the Poznan Higher School of Fine Arts and established the artistic group Kolo Klipsa. Selected group exhibitions of Kolo Klipsa include: 1987 - Kassel, Germany, Gruppenkunstwerke, K18 Factory; and 1998 - Warsaw, Zacheta Gallery, Recently Paineted and Glasgow, UK, Third Eye Center/Glasgow Art Centre, Polish realities.

Recent one man exhibitions include: 1998 - Athens, Greece, X Art Space Gallery;

1999 - Poznan, AT Gallery, Party-Tura; 2000 - 7th Construction in Process, Bydgoszcz;

2001 - Bruxelles, Belgium, Atelier 340 Muzeum, Irreligion; and 2002 - Barcelona, Spain, Municipal Gallery, Polacos.

Mariusz Olszewski (Lodz, Poland)

Recent solo exhibitions include Wschodnia Gallery, Lodz, Poland (2002, 1998) and AT Gallery, Poznan (1999.) Recent group exhibitions include R Gallery, Poznan, Poland (2000); BWA, Zielona Gora, Poland (1999); Wyczolkowski Museum, Bydgoszcz (1998) and Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw, Poland (1997.)

Mariusz Soltysik (Lodz, Poland)

Soltysik has had exhibitions in 2002 at the Wschodnia Gallery and the Kont Gallery, both in Poland. Other selected exhibitions include the International Arts Centre, Poznan, Poland, 2001; International Artist's Workshop, Modinagar, New Dehli, India, 1999; The Glens Centre, Manorhamilton, Ireland; 1998 A6th Construction in Process - The Bridge - Melbourne, Australia, 1998 and the Artist's Project in Cardiff, Wales, UK, 1997.

For information on specific artist projects, please visit

Milenka Berengolc, Staten Island, NY; Charlie Citron, Amsterdam, Holland and Richard Thomas, Saint Kilda, Australia; Zsuzsa Dardai and Janos Saxon, Budapest, Hungary; Stephanie Dinkins, Staten Island, NY; Martina Galvin, Dublin, Ireland; Ginevra Godin, Berlin, Germany; Kristaps Gulbis, Riga, Latvia; Julia Healy, Staten Island, NY; Amy Hotch, New York, NY; Bozo Jurjevic and Josip Bace, Dubrovnik, Croatia: Leszek, Knaflewski, Lodz, Poland; Simon Lee, Brooklyn, NY; Claire Lesteven, Brooklyn, NY; Lotta Linbeck, Rattvik, Sweden; Robin Locke Monda, Staten Island, NY; Birgitta Lund, New York, NY; Alastair MacLennan, Northern Ireland; Anna Macleod, Leitrim Ireland; Anne Marie McDonnell, Staten Island, NY; Aisling O'Beirn, Belfast, Northern Ireland; Mariusz Olszewski and Mariusz Soltysik, Lodz, Poland; Richard Powell, Cardiff, Wales; Eliza Proctor, Brooklyn, NY USA; Marc Rome, Cardiff, Wales; Paco Simon, Zaragoza, Spain; Jason Simon, Brooklyn/Staten Island, NY; Ann-Katrin Spiess, Manhattan/Staten Island, NY; Suzie Sureck, Queens, NY; Dean Jokanovic Toumin, Zagreb, Croatia; Goran Trbuljak, Zagreb, Croatia; Dagmar Uhde, Berlin, Germany; Miyuki Yokomizo, Kanazawa, Japan; and Gorki Zuvela, Split, Croatia

The curators for the exhibition are Olivia Georgia, Sean O'Reilly, Dean Jokanovic Toumin and Lauren Amazeen.

The Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art Background

The Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, founded in 1985, is set in the historically significant Snug Harbor Cultural Center - 83 acres of parkland and 28 buildings preserved for the visual and performing arts located in Staten Island. The Newhouse Center employs this unique environment to create modern and contemporary art programs in 15,000 sq. ft of gallery space, outdoor and off-site projects, educational offerings, 40 artist studios, and an international residency program.

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