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Eugeniusz Get-Stankiewicz, Self-Portrait in a Masking Cap, 1989, mixed techniques

Wednesday, November 5, 2003 - Sunday, January 25, 2004
Opening reception: Nov. 5, 2003 at 6-8PM

Cooper Union
51 Astor Place (Engineering Bldg.), ground floor, New York, NY

curated by Marek Bartelik
with Sascha Braunig, Joseph Durickas, Sophia Naess,
Julia Oppermann, Matthew Savitsky, and Kennth Tam

Introduction by Lawrence Weschler

This exhibition was first presented, under the title "Polish Prints from the Eighties", in 1990 at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland and, later, at the Parsons School in New York.

The 1990 exhibition gathered a distinguished honorary committee, with, among others, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the late Jan Kott (who contributed an essay to the catalogue), CzesBaw MiBosz, the late Isaac Bashevis Singer, and Professor Jerzy Soltan.

In the introduction to the exhibition catalogue Lawrence Weschler has written: "this is not the obvious show. There are obvious things that could be said about art in Poland over the last decade [the 1980s] - about its central role in ongoing political struggle [...]. But this show is not a show of that sort. What is being explored here is something more private, more intimate."

The present exhibition is a smaller version of the 1990 exhibition, consisting of eighteen prints in various techniques by fourteen artists, who are considered masters of printmaking in Poland and abroad. Prints by Jacek Gaj and Mieczyslaw Wejman have been added to expand the scope of the present exhibition. In the present political climate, the prints address such issues as the place and meaning of art with political (overt and covert) overtones in our society.

The exhibition has been curated by Dr. Marek Bartelik, Adjunct Assistant Professor at Cooper Union and Visiting Professor at the School of Art of Yale University , with the assistance of Dr. Bartelik's students from Cooper Union.

Sponsored by the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York


1. Grzegorz Banaszkiewicz (b.1951), American Album III, 1985, heliograviure

2. Jolanta Ciesielska (b.1952), The Garden of Delight, 1980, etching and color aquatint

3. Henryk Fijalkowski (b.1922), Anima, 1985, linocut

4. Henryk Fijalkowski (b.1922), The Second Gate for a Student of the Talmud, 1981, linocut

5. Jacek Fraczak (b.1958), Et In Arcadia Ego, 1983, mezzotint

6. Jacek Fraczak (b.1958), Kaddish I-III, tiptych, 1988, mezzotint

7. Jacek Gaj (b.1938), Odysseus, copper plate, 1969

8. Eugeniusz Get-Stankiewicz (b.1942), Drei Zeigenfingen, 1988, mixed technique and collage

9. Izabella Gustowska (b.1948), Conversation II, 1989, mixed technique and collage

10. Witold Kalinski (b.1949), The Shooting Star, 1987, linocut

11. Henryk Ozog (b.1956), Fountain, 1986, intaglio

12. Andrzej Pietsch (b.1932), Slope S, 1987, mixed technique

13. Witold Skórczewski (b.1947), Emigrants, 1987, copper plate

14. Anna Sobol-Wejman (b.1946), Acquaintances, 1988, etching and color aquatint

15. Jacek Sroka (b.1957), An Unknown One, 1987, etching and color aquatint

16. Mieczyslaw Wejman (b.1912), A Bicycle Rider, 1970, etching

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