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  • Project with Thaddeus: Warsaw 2001
  • Project with Hermann: Berlin 2002
  • Project with Svetlana: Moscow 2005
  • Project with Anna: Warsaw - Berlin - Dobrodzien 2005
Introductory words

...When I go along the street, I can see a beggar. The next day there is another one in the same place. On the third day a drunkard approaches me and says: "Princess, I have a pencil for you, will you give me 4 Zloty?"

...Reality is a great performance. My own sense of reality is my private one. Otherwise it would have no meaning; just like the drunkard I met somewhere. Genuine experience of reality is most dangerous. It is like rope-walking. There is a fine borderline between things said to be normal and those called abnormal. You are a tramp, a poet, a director, an artist, a businessman& It is like an auction, an important feature of which is its unpredictability. Everything is changing, everything is imprecise and imperfect. Still, everything is moving in one direction and has its memory, which is beyond language.

"Everything that takes on the form of repetition weakens our alertness of observation. Only recollecting - remembering something - means seeing it - at that particular moment, for the first time, and only recollected things are real."(...) - Cesar Pavese

(...) In my works I touch upon the issue of people excluded from society, rejected because of illness, old age or other symptoms of otherness in relation to universally accepted norms. The list of projects that focus on this topic should include In the middle of the way, the creation of which I have purposely spread out over time. It develops further each time I travel. It is devoted to homeless people and the idea of travel, forced relocation, continuous being on the road. It refers not only to the physical change of place, but also to the mental journey. In The Glass Bead Game, Hermann Hesse defined this metaphorically as "the journey East".

The four films became reportages in which in addition to seeing the places where Thaddeus (Warsaw 2001), Hermann (Berlin 2002), Svetlana (Moscow 2005) and Anna (Warsaw - Berlin - Dobrodzien 2005) spend their days, we also witness their inner voyages.

- Anna Konik
May 2022
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