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Since his arrival in early March, Bujnowski, employing a medium he is familiar with, has been creating a new series of conceptual-based paintings exploring notions of duplication and simulation, while through video, a medium he has just begun to experiment with, Bujnowski will document the development of his ideas.

In the gallery space Bujnowski is completing a series of paintings inspired, in part, by the high volume of children who visit Art in General with school groups. In a direct appeal to this audience, Bujnowski decided to make a series of brown, monochromatic, abstract paintings based on chocolates, a subject sure to appeal to youth. He has also been leading demonstrations about painting that directly engage and challenge the children.

As part of a different project conceptualized prior to arriving in New York, Bujnowski has been taking flight lessons during his residency and documenting his experience through photographs and video. He is also creating a series of paintings based on these images that address transport and travel.

Finally, Bujnowski, having begun work on a series of portraits based on his own passport photo while in the process of obtaining his visa to come to New York, has been collaborating with a prior Artist-in-Residence, Cuban artist Luis Gomez - who was denied a visa to return because of recent international travel restrictions - on a project that addresses ideas of visas, international travel, and the presence or absence of artists in their gallery space&

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Rafal Bujnowski is the final artist to participate in Art in General's Eastern European Residency Exchange Program (2000-2004), a collaboration among four different contemporary art organizations in three European countries: Poland (CCA Zamek Ujazdowski in Warsaw and Bunkier Sztuki in Krakow), Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Four New York artists have traveled to four different European partner sites, while four residency programs have brought Eastern European artists, including Bujnowski, to Art in General. This first three-year program was initiated by Art in General to foster a network of contemporary art venues and increase international visibility, exchange, and contacts among artists and arts organizations. The ongoing Artist Residency Program is designed to give artists the opportunity to create new work on-site, allowing the public to interact with artists while experiencing a work in progress. The second stage of the Eastern European Residency Exchange Program (2004-2007) will begin this fall.

Remote Control (black), 2001, oil on canvas, 18 x 6,5 x 2 cm (edition of 25, from paintings-objects series); courtesy of Raster

A Child on a Beach, 2002, oil on canvas, 35 x 45 cm; courtesy of Raster

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