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Weiss's recent works consist of such elements as paper, water, projected image, stone, resin, her own body, text, a site-specific sound environment, and the presence of others. These works can be defined as "intervals" in that they represent fragments and moments that suspend the space between distance and proximity, between presence and absence, and that contain multiple traces of performative action.


Lethe 2004
Site-specific installation: concrete panels, newsprint paper, artist's body, motorized sensors, video, sound.

Hundreds of layers of paper enclosed in concrete panels and shaped by the artist's body submerged in them as she moved within with her eyes closed, are set in continuous motion, suggesting the presence of someone or something moving underneath. Site-specific sound is composed of the artist's crawling in the papers and the river lapping against the shores. "Lethe" (River of Forgetfulness) is one of the five rivers dividing Hades from the world of the living; its waters cause drinkers to forget their past.

White Chalice (Ennoia) 2004
Sculptural installation: polypropylene, rubber latex, water, projected video, sound.

A sculpted octagonal chalice, reminiscent of a medieval baptismal font, is filled with water. An image of the artist's curled-up figure is projected into the chalice, suggesting the presence of her body once immersed in the chalice, now only seen as a virtual reflection through the surface of the water. "Ennoia" is a word inspired by the artist's reading of Gnostic cosmology, in which it connotes an edge of light or of consciousness that has fallen into matter, into body. One hears the voice of the artist reading her own text and the sound of her immersion under water, both sounds overlapping and altering - and sometimes erasing - each other. The text was partially inspired by the writings of Maurice Blanchot.


Drawing the City (Day One, Day Two) 2004
Video, 11 minutes, limited edition of 10 DVDs. 2-day performance, canvas, paint, crayons, umbrellas, tree trunks, artist's body, pedestrians, video, sound.

As the artist continues drawing around her silhouette, she crawls on a large-scale canvas that covers the pavement of a street. A video camera suspended from the rooftop of a nearby building becomes the source of images. Day One is the memory of a 5-hour solitary action in which the artist crawls and moves within the canvas while several blue umbrellas are set in motion by the wind and rain. Day Two presents the next-day performance in the sun with a group of pedestrians that join the drawing. During both days the canvas becomes gradually covered with blue paint.

Drawing Barn 2004
Video, 7 minutes, limited edition of 10 DVDs. 5-hour performance, paper, crayons, swimming caps, artist's body, children age 3-12, video projection, sound.

This video shot from a bird's viewpoint presents the memory of a site-specific performance that took place in an old barn in Purchase, New York. The artist draws around her curled-up body, as she crawls on the large-scale white paper surrounded by a growing number of children wearing red swimming cups, who also draw around their silhouettes, which result in an accumulation of lines and shapes on the paper. The ambient sound combines the voices of children jumping into a swimming pull, airplanes and birds hovering above the barn, and the immersion in water recorded by the artist in her studio.


Skulenie 2003
Charcoal on paper

The charcoal-drawn mark suggests a trace of the artist's living body, both literally through the touch of her hand, and symbolically as the memory of a past event. The drawing was created shortly after the artist was immersed for six hours in a vessel filled with water and paint, during which her body remained in a curled-up position.


Ennoia (Performing the Water) 2003
Color print, limited edition of 10

Part of a series of performance-based photographs, "Ennoia" presents a view of the artist during her 5-hour immersion in a water-filled cast-concrete vessel.

Ennoia 2002
Color print, limited edition of 10

Part of a series of performance-based photographs, "Ennoia" presents a view of the artist during her 6-hour immersion in a water-filled cast-concrete vessel.

White Chalice (Ennoia), 2004

Drawing the City (Day One, Day Two), 2004

Drawing Barn, 2004

Skulenie, 2003

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