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At LACMA, visitors to Beyond Geometry will receive a helpful exhibition guide entitled Abstraction and Beyond: A Guide to 8 Works in the Exhibition. Meant to be used within the show, it suggests ways of confronting eight very different examples of radically simplified and conceptual art. Artists created these works with the intention of engaging viewers through visual effect, humor, or shared experience, but for many visitors these works' unconventional forms make them seem distant and alienating. By looking carefully at such works, this guide attempts to make the artists' intentions more available to the viewer and help to lay the groundwork for future encounters with vanguard post-war art.

In conjunction with Beyond Geometry, LACMA is launching a Web component from the site that aims to make conceptual and highly simplified works of art more accessible to a general audience. The program, which will become a permanent component of the LACMA site, will concentrate on 20 representative works from Beyond Geometry, eight of which are from LACMA's permanent collection. The Web program will be organized in the same six sections as the exhibition and feature video "walk-throughs" of installation pieces, audio clips, still photos, bios of artists, an extensive chronology, and a dictionary of terms. The site will also offer "investigations," interactive activities that allow viewers to experiment with some of the concepts and strategies used by artists in the exhibition.

Also in conjunction with this major exhibition, LACMA is planning a number of related events, including a two-day conference mounted by the Getty Research Institute, in Los Angeles; the remounting of Brazilian Lygia Pape's performance "Divider" by the dance department at California Institute of the Arts; a weekend of readings, text scores, and realizations of works at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center; and at LACMA, a film program; a music concert; and several Sheila and Wally Weisman Family Sundays events. For more information, please request a Beyond Geometry Related Events sheet from LACMA Media Relations, or visit

After LACMA, the exhibition travels to the Miami Art Museum in Florida, where it will be presented from November 18, 2004, through May 1, 2005.
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