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Elka Krajewska, still from digital movie "6 seconds (upward fall)", 2005, continuous loop of 6-second variations with sound by Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson

Elka Krajewska, born in Warsaw, daughter of a theatre costume-maker and lighting engineer, is a Polish artist and experimental filmmaker working in digital media. She came to New York in 1989, after linguistics and film history studies at Warsaw University, to study photography and literature at City College CUNY, where she was first exposed to the work of Hans Richter, Claude Cahun, and Ken Jacobs - each having a formative impact on her work process. Later, she combined her photographs with writing, sculpture and painting at Yale where she got her MFA in 1995.

Fascinated with the visual complexity and trashy aesthetics of the experimental work of Richard Foreman of the Ontological-Hysteric Theatre, she took up an internship with Foreman and appeared in "Benita Canova" (1997), videotaping the rehearsals to later make a documentary about Foreman's work process: "The Missing Jewels of Benita Canova".

In 1999, she traveled alone, without translator, through trans-Siberian Russia and Mongolia and made a 12-minute video about the two-month journey.

Most of her work draws from her multimedia background: her short digital films compress eclectic materials (drawings, paper props, video recordings, still images) to arrive at condensed visual compositions that all share a preference for speed, visual rhythm, and extreme brevity (her longest digital movie to date lasts 91 seconds).

Most recently, her films were screened as part of a survey of Polish Abstract Film 1933-2004 in Stockholm (2006), at the Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in Buffalo (2006), and at Ovalhalle at the Quartier21 of MuseumsQuartier in Vienna (2005).

Her recent works "6 seconds - upward fall", (2005) and "91 seconds - warning signals" (2005) were made during her artist residencies in Vienna and Barcelona respectively.

Her "Plany Mela for dome" (2007), made specifically for a dome Omnimax theatre, mixing 15/70mm film and video, will be screened and performed live in April 2007.
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