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Ewa Harabasz traces a symbolic journey from darkness to light in two series of oil paintings; the earlier works are dark and inspired by the depths of architectural spaces while the new ones are bodily, layered and white.

The most recent paintings are physical and built up of many gauze-like white layers. Can the layers of binding or bandaging be too tight? Can peeling cause physical pain and mental anguish? Can healing hurt? Ewa Harabasz work grapples with relentlessly present questions of internal tragedy, external drama and spiritual yearning.

In her earlier series of dark paintings, the artist examines the boundary between two and three dimensionality, illusionistic and actual space. Harabasz depicts overarching interiors pierced with cracks, images inspired by religious and cultural architecture. Safe havens or dark prisons? These paintings are infused with Poland's spirituality, history and architecture as well as its tortured past.

The artist came to the United States after studying art and working as an art restorer in Poland and Rome. Harabasz holds an MFA degree from Wayne State University in Detroit. Her work has been exhibited in the Midwest and she has taught at the University of Michigan, University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University. She is now a resident of New York City.

This program is supported in part by public funds from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.

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