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Polanski: A biography
by Christopher Sandford
Macmillan, September 2008

Acclaimed biographer Sandford draws on dozens of interviews with actors who have worked with Polanski, as well as previously sealed transcripts of his criminal hearings, testimony before the California grand jury following the accusations that led to his exile, and personal reflections on the murders of Sharon Tate and other friends of the couple. Polanski’s films from 1962 to 2005 are contextualized within his life, including such highlights as Rosemary’s Baby, Chinatown, and the Oscar-winning The Pianist. Roman Polanski turns 75 in 2008, and his work, with two upcoming feature films including the political thriller Ghost, continues to receive more and more attention. Sandford's fascinating biography illuminates the life and work of one of the most important careers in modern cinema.

“Sandford does his best to achieve a balance between Polanski's achievements as a director and the scarring events of his life, but those shattering occurrences are what drives his book and our interest in it.”—Los Angeles Times

“It is a pity that there are so many stains on [Polanski’s] record, but there are few stains on his films. In this fine biography, Sandford gives those films the praise they deserve, and he is fair as well to Polanski the man.” —Washington Post