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Re-Reading Grotowski
A special issue of TDR: The Drama Review on Jrzy Grotowski
Guest-Edited by Kris Salata & Lisa Wolford Wylam

MIT Press Journals, May 2008

This important issue of TDR: The Drama Review includes previously unpublished material by Jerzy Grotowski, plus articles on theatre companies and artists who preceded and have followed in the footsteps of the great Polish theatre artist.

Grotowski viewed the first translated text, Reply to Stanislavsky, as one of his most important. In it he systematically addresses matters of continuity between the line of theatrical research initiated by Stanislavsky and his own. The second text by Grotowski, On the Genesis of Apocalypsis, is one of several texts that Grotowski wished to be included in a revised and expanded edition of Towards a Poor Theatre.

Zbigniew Osinski, considered to be the most significant Polish scholar of Grotowski's work, has written about a critical influence of the aesthetics, vision, and ethos of Reduta – Poland’s first laboratory theatre founded by Juliusz Osterwa, on Grotowski and his Laboratory Theatre in The Heritage of the Reduta Theatre in Grotowski and the Laboratory Theatre.. This material fills a crucial gap not only in Grotowski studies but in theatre studies more generally, as at present English-language readers lack access to any information about Reduta and its founder. The issue also features a translation of Acta Gnosis by Antonio Attisani, an article on non-representational acting from Grotowski to Thomas Richards by Grotowski translator Kris Salata, and articles by Mario Biagini, Kris Salata and Lisa Wolford Wylam.

Cunningham, Grotowski, and Beckett have several things in common; small means, intense work, rigorous discipline, absolute precision. Also, almost as a condition, they are theatres for an elite – Peter Brook