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Kazimierz Braun
A History of Polish Theater, 1939-1989

Greenwood Press, February 1996

This work explores Polish theater within the context of the political predicament of the country, which was conquered and divided by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union (1939-1945) and then ruled by the Soviets' imposed Communist regime (1945-1989). Braun examines theatrical events, describes productions, and portrays artists from aesthetic, cultural, and political viewpoints with a scholarly and impartial perspective. This comprehensive introduction, the first of its kind in English, includes brief overviews of the history of Poland and Polish theater, clear discussions of major theatrical developments and the facets of theatrical life in Poland, and 26 detailed profiles of the leading theater artists of the period. The book is supplemented with a bibliography of sources in English and Polish, and indexes of names and plays (with titles in both English and Polish).

"This historical survey offers a heartfelt tribute to the "theater people" of Poland who tried to save their culture from inside and outside the Soviet system. Braun, a noted expatriate Polish stage director who also ran several theaters, brings his particular insight, anecdotal knowledge, and informed understanding of noteworthy mise-en-scénes to bear on this general, modernhistory." -

 "As a primer to Polish theatre under Nazi and Soviet domination the book is excellent. The book provides a quite useful introduction to the intricacies of the Polish theatre scene since the beginning of World War II. As an introduction to the field and a convenient chronology of some of the high points from 1939-1989, this book surpasses anything  available today." -  Theatre Insight