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Beyond Chelation Formula

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This product is based on more than 25 years of my experience with chelation therapy. THIS exciting synergistic formula is named Beyond Chelation tm. I have combined the 20 plus years of research by Lester Morrison MD. With chrondroitin sulfate, and later other polysaccharides with the BEST possible combination of ingredients to deal with ALL of the cardiovascular risk factors that we recognize today that DIRECTLY contribute not only to the build-up of plaque, but ALSO help deal with the basic mechanisms involved in sudden death. These include hypercoagulability, vasospasm and arrhythmia.

We all recognize that aspirin has shown benefits in reducing CV mortality but that it is ALSO a two-edged sword with some real downside, including not only excessive bleeding but some research now links it to macular degeneration. NOW you can do the tests your patients deserve, including platelet aggregation, VCAM. ICAM, fibrinogen, c-reactive protein, Homocysteine, CMV, intracellular magnesium, etc and offer a non-toxic approach that can be SAFELY used by your patients year after year, that gently yet effectively deals with these molecular problems, and wherever appropriate, add the anti-inflammatory Wobenzym to the new BEYOND CHELATION for even greater effectiveness!

With these tools you no longer have to worry if the patient can not get in as frequently as you desire for their intravenous chelation. My experience is that they simply don’t have the heart attacks and strokes, when you provide them with adequate oral protection so that they can come back year after year for the REJUVENATING effects of their intravenous chelation treatments!

Yes! My Clinical experience has convinced me that NATURAL substances like Fish Oil and Garlic REALLY DO EFFECTIVELY alter the bleeding and clotting cascade-SAFELY and when properly formulated in a synergistic formula do so MORE EFFECTIVELY than aspirin. My all new cutting edge Beyond Longevity Multiple-Vitamin Mineral formula I have designed to fit with this new BC formula should cause you to CAREFULLY review the now out-dated formulas your patients are all too frequently relying on!

Move into the 21st CENTURY with BEYOND CHELATION with its Unique Beyond Longevity Multiple Formulation and my better than ever newly formulated Chelation complex B.G.-Beyond Garlic.

Beyond Chelation- the future is now

Continuous effective oral support for your cardiovascular system
Deals effectively deals with the causes of sudden death;
clot, spasm, and arrhythmia

Molecular research has identified infectious, inflammatory, metabolic etc. causes for cardiovascular disease-beyond chelation is formulated to deal with these.