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The Chelation Answer

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How to prevent Hardening of the Arteries And Rejuvenate Your Cardiovascular System

Morton Walker, D.P.M


Garry F. Gordon, M.D, D.O, M.D.(H.)
Forward by Robert Atkins, M.D

This book could save your life. On a average three Americans suffer a heart attack every minute of every day, totaling well over a million heart attacks each year. Millions of other people suffer from strokes, high blood pressure, or related conditions.

In fact, one adult in four already has hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, or poor circulation and doesn't know it. One in two will die, directly or indirectly, from degeneration of the arteries.

Fortunately, the reversal of the clogging mechanism in the arteries can be accomplished without surgery, without pain and without medication through chelation therapy ( key-lay-shun) therapy. Unfortunately, this treatment is little known to the public at large and remains controversial in medical circles.

Chelation therapy is a intravenous injection of man-made amino acid-EDTA-that cleanses your arteries and rejuvenates your cardiovascular system. Dozens of conditions, from heart disease to gangrene to senility, can prevented or reversed by this simple procedure. Well over 300,000 patients in the United States are living proof !

Here at last is the whole incredible story. The complete effect that chelation has on your cardiovascular system is explained. The thirty-five-year history of the treatment is outlined. The resistance chelation therapy has met from the medical establishment because of the flaw in our system that prevents older drugs from becoming recognized for new uses is exposed.

Ultimately we are left with the story of more than 1,000 physicians who have given than three million chelation treatments to over 300,000 patients-with no known fatalities and a remarkable record of recoveries. While the medical profession may be able to continue to ignore this evidence, people concerned with improving their health and extending their lives cannot.