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Heparin & Heparinoids

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Dr. Gordon on the Apr, '61 Nature Article:

"Gastro-Intestinal Absorption of Heparin and Synthetic Heparinoids"

This article "Absorption of Heparin and Heparinoids" ( which also lead to a patent) actually permitted me to change Dr Lester Morrison's program to eliminate heart attacks and make it affordable and convenient for everyone to consume every day of their lives. It is this research that helped me know that I could safely cancel almost everyone's bypass surgery, if they would commit to be on the formula this lead to, daily for the rest of their lives. All of this is based on the help that oral edta can provide if it is combined with other polysaccharide substances that together provide a heparin like effect, preventing heart attacks and helping control the hypercoagulability we are finding in anyone that is really sick today.

It was this 1961 article, which I successfully coupled with Dr. Lester Morrison's $10 million worth of research, that lead to the development of Beyond Chelation and Essential Daily Defense. We can all benefit from this heparin like activity without having to inject Heparin everyday. This is why I recommend that everyone take Essential Daily Defense everyday of their life, never less than 3 capsules twice a day for anyone over 80 pounds of weight. This is the dose that is found in the BC or BV packets , which I designed for prevention, however, it must be taken in larger dosages, of at least 14 capsules of Essential Daily Defense every day for treatment of virtually every health problem. We now know with the research done by David Berg's Hemex Labs that shows we virtually cannot be unhealthy without being hypercoagulable!

Thus why wait until you are sick, take some Essential Daily Defense everyday, and lots more if you are sick now, until you regain your health. ( see my protocols for acute and/ or chronic infections). Some of us how are very ill will also need to take heparin by mouth or by injection in addition to my oral blood thinning programs which include many substances such as Wobenzym and Essential Daily Defense, but in my over 17 years of experience, everyone does better if they include an EDTA/ GARLIC/Polysaccharide combination as found in Essential Daily Defense in their supplement program.

It is the important new research being done by Hemex that allows us to understand the contribution of Chronic INFECTION to our hypercoagulability and finally this research is explaining how and why most of us today will need a safe affordable heparin- like benefit everyday in order to achieve and maintain high health.

This important new research being done at HEMEX LABS, I believe will lead to answers for most chronic illnesses today and this will mean that virtually everyone will understand they do not need aspirin but we should all be regularly using a Essential Daily Defense type of formula and using it in HIGH dosages when really ill, and when treating all infections, as well as in regular small dosages ( 3 caps twice a day) for the prevention of heart attacks and strokes etc, and in fact I believe Essential Daily Defense is a cost effective aid in the management of almost every chronic illness.