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Stop Coumadim On Your Own

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Take Charge, Stop Coumadim On Your Own

September, 2010

Anyone can take charge of their own health and learn the limitations of Coumadin. Some decide to continue it and gradually expand their protection, since Coumadin is totally inadequate for any real protection while starting things like Garlic, Ginkgo, Fish oil etc, all as found in Beyond Chelation Improved.

Blood clots DO kill many each year; in fact, some believe that most heart attacks and even strokes are the result of blood clots. If true, then blood clots would be nearly the leading cause of death. Yet, in spite of this known risk, I usually rely on entirely natural approaches and I take my patients OFF Coumadin. I do not like the minimal benefits and the substantial risks documented with Coumadin therapy.

Most patients within a few days or weeks on just Beyond Chelation-Improved feel enough subjective improvement that they usually elect to stay on the product. However, with the increasing burden of toxins and infections in the population, those that can afford it are also told to take Bolouke or Nattokinase twice a day in addition to their daily dose of BC-I.

I believe that labs like ThromboCare in Dallas can help protect you by finding some of the proven genetic problems contributing to the epidemic of HYPERCOAGULABILITY that I feel sets the stage for MI and Stroke. Those tests often conclude that standard anticoagulant approaches will be inadequate to benefit the patient. And that leads to complex protocols using toxic drugs and many patients elect to assume full personal responsibility and bet their lives on natural products.

Of course, I repeat that BC-I does provide a SAFE HEPARIN-like action because EDTA makes heparin and related sulfated mucopolysaccarides provide benefits from simple oral administration. This makes BC-I with Bolouke or Nattokinase an extremely attractive alternative to patients who understand that many will require anticoagulation therapy for many years.

Some who have read everything on the subject spend $500-1000 and get a Hemex test while on Coumadin, just to prove to themselves that the head of the American Heart Association, Dr. Valentin Fuster, in his book "Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque" was correct when he said that Coumadin, Heparin, and Aspirin are all inadequate!

We have found some really tough cases who need to be on very aggressive NATURAL product based anticoagulant programs even though using just my basic program of Beyond Chelation Improved, 1 pack twice daily (9 pills in each pack), and Wobenzym, 5 twice daily has been enough so far that we have not heard of anyone in the thousands taking the program in the past 20 years having a heart attack or a stroke.

The good news is we simply do not see heart attacks or strokes in those who follow the program, so we know, after doing this for 20 years that we are really onto a basic new way of practicing preventive medicine. However, of course, we are not God so the more testing and actual knowledge of a patient's condition we have, the more there are other things that we might want to recommend.

We have many with heart valves and some who felt poisoned from the first day of taking Coumadin, who have decided to be my patients so have chosen to take a different approach to staying alive. So far, we have been extremely successful. The $10 million of research by Dr. Lester Morrison proves we are on the right path, but we are not a drug company, and thus, this approach is NOT covered by any insurance.

However, we deal with very sick patients and in some cases we also need to use some Heparin injections (or oral troches) until they have lowered their chronic infection load. Also, with the increasing pollution today, I often add to that 9 pill packet, which has Primrose and Omega 3 and Garlic and Ginkgo etc, taken twice a day Lumbrokinase (Boluoke) or Nattokinase, the first is stronger and more expensive. I find that Boluoke from Canada is a very incredible alternative to Coumadin, although it retails around $2 per capsule. The dose is two- three times a day or 3 twice a day taken on empty stomach, preferably at least 45 minutes before a meal and at bedtime.

So, for tough patients with serious problems, like chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, disabling Migraine, serious hypertension, heart valves, or who may have a history of lung clots, leg clots, early heart attacks, etc., I also prefer to go even further than just my very successful basic program and use extra Essential Daily Defense 2 with each meal. This is our basic EDTA, containing a Garlic blood thinning formula, as found in Beyond Chelation Improved, and chelator of heavy metals that I believe everyone needs to take at least 6 every day of their life.

Since some see me as the father of chelation therapy, this is perhaps my biggest contribution by making some of the important detoxification and blood thinning benefits of chelation therapy available at home, orally and affordably for everyone, no matter what else they are taking. Even if they are on Heparin and Coumadin and aspirin, this works mildly and broadly and has no contraindications. After all, eating Szechwan food also thins the blood and we do not make you stop going out for hot spicy Chinese food just because you are on Coumadin!

You still have some freedom to think and act for yourself, although even taking vitamin E affects your test results when you are on Coumadin; the issue is why not learn what natural things affect your test results and decide if they make more sense than blindly following your doctors' advice to take rat poison every day of your life. Read up on Coumadin then decide what you want to do for your health. This is an opportunity to learn something that in the long run, I am convinced, will add years to your life!

All this is on my website, but you now know more you're your average cardiologist! So, either you let them do what they want because that is all they know, or you choose to take charge and bet your life that there is another way.
Garry F. Gordon, MD,DO,MD(H)

Dr. Gordon's Suggested Protocol for Coumadin, Plavix and Aspirin Alternatives

 Dosage X's A Day
 With or Without Food
 Beyond Chelation Improved
 1 Packet
 2 times daily (2 packets
one at breakfast and the
other at dinner
 With or without food
 Boluoke 2 Per Day
 one in AM and one before
bedtime for 6 months then
only 1 at night
 Without Food
 Wobenzym 5 Tablets
 2 times a day
 About an hour away from food