How To Apply


Empowerment Zone Loans

Prospective applicants are encouraged to meet with an Empowerment Zone lending officer before applying to informally discuss the appropriateness of potential funding with the Empowerment Zone. Please call (212) 410-0030 to discuss your interest in potential funding.


To begin the underwriting process, an applicant must submit a funding application and non-refundable fee.  In addition, all applicants must complete the Business Entity and Principal Vendex Questionnaire forms as required by the City of New York in order to obtain loan approval. 


For a Funding Application, click here.

For a Business Entity Vendex Questionnaire, click here.

For a Principal Vendex Questionnaire, click here.

For a Guide to Vendex forms, click here.

For a Personal Financial Statement form, click here.

For an IRS 4506-T form, click here.



Prospective applicants for BRISC loans must meet with an Empowerment Zone lending officer or a BRISC staff member to determine eligibility prior to receiving an application.  For more information contact BRISC staff member Joseph Middleton at (212) 410-0030, ext. 207.

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