Milo Meed (center with blue shirt and cap), joined by Kenneth J. Knuckles, President & CEO, Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Development Corp. (immediately to Mr. Meed’s right) and Hope Knight, COO, Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Development Corp. (immediately to Mr. Meed’s left), celebrates the Grand Opening of his new restaurant and outdoor café, Island Salad.


New York, NY - Hope Knight, Acting Executive Director of the Business Resource & Investment Service Center (BRISC) announced today that Island Salad, Inc., a forthcoming salad bar and juice café to be located to in East Harlem at 22 East 125th Street between Madison and Park Avenues, is receiving a $181,406.00 loan from the organization for build-out and working capital.


It is planned that Island Salad will occupy 700 square feet of ground floor space and have an outdoor seating area of 450 square feet behind the indoor facility.  The salad bar and juice café will offer a low priced healthy alternative in the fast food genre offering create-your-own salads, prepared salads, fresh sandwich wraps, gourmet and specialty coffees and hot drinks, all natural gourmet sodas, teas, baked goods, juices, yogurts and smoothies.  The ambiance and décor will reflect that of the West Indies Caribbean Islands. 


            “One of BRISC’s most important functions is to assist upcoming businesses,” said Hope Knight.  “When it opens, Island Salad will be a healthy and welcome addition to the many and varied eating establishments for which Upper Manhattan has become renowned.”   


Milo Meed, the owner and developer of Island Salad, said, “Island Salad is a fast, efficient and reliable.  Our services embody our core values of quality, honesty, innovation, and guest-focus.  Island Salad is a healthy alternative to the traditional fast food menus.  It will offer affordable healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our mission is to serve fresh and nutritious foods in a clean and wholesome environment.” 




BRISC offers start-up and/or expansion loans to qualified businesses in Upper Manhattan.  Loans are from $50,000 to $250,000 in size, with a competitive fixed rate, a maximum seven year maturity and there isn’t a job creation requirement.  Additionally, BRISC technical assistance programs are available to ensure the sustainability, profitability and growth of small businesses in the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone. Technical assistance includes consulting services, workshops, seminars and access to a large “how-to” library.  



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